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The Center for Non-Profits is the only umbrella organization for all New Jersey 501(c)(3)s. Since 1982, the Center has provided advocacy, resources, training and information to strengthen non-profits and help them thrive. Learn more about how the Center:

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Johnson Amendment - Find a few minutes to fight for Non-Profit Nonpartisanship

Your Voice needed AGAIN to Urge Congress to Strip Church Electioneering Provision from Appropriations Bill

Updated 9/10/2018

Johnson Amendment "To Do" list graphic - thumbnail House of Representatives and Senate negotiators are working to finalize the provisions of a "must-pass" appropriations bill (H.R. 6147), including another attempt to severely undermine the nonpartisanship of the 501(c)(3) community by making it much harder for the IRS to enforce laws prohibiting electioneering by houses of worship. 

Despite overwhelming opposition from non-profit, philanthropic and religious organizations, the House included the rider (Section 112) that would effectively gut the "Johnson Amendment," the decades-old ban on partisan political activity by 501(c)(3) organizations. 

The Senate passed its version on August 1, without any language to weaken the Johnson Amendment. This means that the fate of non-profit nonpartisanship rests with a House-Senate conference committee which will be set up to negotiate the differences between the two bills. Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen, chair of the House Appropriations Committee, is the only New Jersey Representative on the conference committee, but contacts to ALL of New Jersey's Representatives and U.S. Senators are important.

The forces who want to "totally destroy" the Johnson amendment and its nonpartisan protections will be pulling out all the stops to lobby to keep the damaging House language in the bill.  We need to fight swiftly and forcefully to REMOVE this provision and to PRESERVE the current law. 

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Many changes affecting New Jersey non-profits have recently passed or are in the works in Trenton or Washington, DC. Check out our current public policy tracker or select any specific issue listed below.
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Tax Reform and Non-Profits

New Taxes Loom for Non-Profits Under Federal Tax Law - ACTION ALERT

May 3, 2018 - As non-profit managers, tax professionals, policy makers and others continue to dissect the provisions in the new federal tax law, they have discovered new developments that would impose new or increased taxes on hundreds of thousands of non-profit organizations. The latest surprise relates to important changes to the Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) – a tax normally imposed on certain commercial activities of non-profits under specific circumstances. The new law and recent IRS guidance threaten to wreak havoc on non-profit budgets – even for organizations that engage in no unrelated business activities. 

The U.S. Department of Treasury and the IRS haven’t yet issued regulations to implement the new law. Meanwhile, numerous questions regarding the scope and implementation of these provisions remain unanswered, and key filing or tax deadlines have already passed or are fast approaching. Learn more and take action.

The State of New Jersey's Non-Profit Community
Out Now!

Gain new insights about how non-profits are faring and the implications of these trends on the ability of organizations to provide needed programs and services. This information can aid in your planning efforts and your communications with funders, policy makers and the media.

The survey results presented in the 2018 Trends and Outlook Report strengthen and shape the Center's advocacy and programmatic priorities, and will be shared broadly with the non-profit community, funders, government and business leaders, media and the public. These findings can also help you in your own planning and advocacy efforts.

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How will tax reform affect charitable giving?

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The Center for Non-Profits and the Council of NJ Grantmakers are joining forces to ask you to support a nationwide campaign to help end the overhead myth - the misguided notion that the percentage of expenses spent on administration and overhead should be the sole criterion for judging the merits of a charity.
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Tips for Making Informed Giving Decisions

An overview of some of the factors to consider when considering giving to charity.  Feel free to share with your board members, donors and others.  Read the article.

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