NJ Division of Revenue Non-Profit Filing Fees Increase

Posted 7/9/02

As part of the FY2003 budget package signed into law by Governor McGreevey, a number of non-profit filing fees for the Department of Treasury, Division of Revenue (which handles commercial recording transactions) have been raised effective July 1, 2002. Following are the updated rates for some of the more common transactions:

Certificate of incorporation $ 75.00
All amendments to certificates of incoporation and certificates of authority, including dissolutions, withdrawals, mergers/consolidations, reinstatement of charter, restated certificates of incorporation and all other amendatory filings $75.00
Change of Registered Office or Agent or Both $25.00
Annual Report $25.00
Certificate of authority for a foreign non-profit $125.00
Corporate name reservation $50.00
Transfer of reserved corporate name $50.00
Renewal of reserved corporate name $50.00
Foreign corporate name registration $50.00
Renewal of foreign corp. name registration $50.00
Corporate alternate name registration $50.00
Renewal of corp. alternate name $50.00
Expedited service fee (applies only to over the counter transactions) $15.00 per filing
Same Day service fee (fax filing only) $50.00

Filing fees to the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs pursuant to the New Jersey Charitable Registration and Investigation Act are unchanged.

A number of non-profits whose anniversary of incorporation falls during the summer months may have already received annual report forms from the Department of Treasury, Division of Revenue, listing the old fees. The Division has indicated that these non-profits may submit their annual reports on the forms that they received and the Division will honor the old annual report fees.

If you have questions or would like more information, contact the Center or call the Department of Treasury, Division of Revenue at 609/292-9292.