We are now New Jersey Center for Nonprofits!

morphing logo

Notice anything different? 

Over the past few months, fresh off our new strategic plan, we’ve been working behind the scenes on some important identity updates to reflect our vision for a strong, vibrant nonprofit community equitably delivering a thriving quality of life to all communities in our state.  

Thanks to the hard work and thoughtful input from our board, staff, and many partners and friends, we’re thrilled to share these exciting changes!



We’re putting our Jersey pride and focus front and center, and in a long-awaited change for many, have removed the hyphen in “nonprofit.” We are now…
New Jersey Center for Nonprofits!



Amplifying Our Voices Together    

Now more than ever, we believe that advocacy and communications, at all levels and forms, is critical if we are to raise awareness of critical issues, boost understanding and dialogue, effect change and improve the lives of all people.  




Our new logo reflects our role as a clearinghouse and hub for and about nonprofits, and also our commitment to, and place in, a diverse, vibrant, and interconnected community.   



There’s much more work ahead to make this vision a reality.  We’re honored to continue this journey with you.   

This year, the Center will celebrate 40 years as New Jersey’s statewide network and champion for the nonprofit community.  Our updated name and visual changes are important representations of our continuing evolution and commitment to charitable nonprofits of all sizes and missions as a vital force for advancing a just, thriving, and equitable society. Stay tuned as we continue to move that vision forward!



We thank Ennis Carter and her team at Social Impact Studios for helping us bring our ideas to a powerful visual reality.