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  8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.Exhibits Open
  8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.Registration & Networking Breakfast
  9:00 a.m. – 10:10 a.m.Welcome
Opening Plenary Session
  10:15 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.Break/Networking/Exhibits
  10:30 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.Breakouts – Session 1
  11:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.Break/Networking/Exhibits
  12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.Lunch
Afternoon Plenary Session
  2:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.Break/Exhibits
  2:15 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.Breakouts – Session 2
  3:45 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.Reception – presented by SANOFI

Session 1
10:30 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.
 Session 2
2:15p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Available morning breakout sessions:Available afternoon breakout sessions:
Legislative Advocacy: What We Can Do Today Issues 2020
Amy Hansen, Policy Analyst, New Jersey Conservation Foundation
Brooke Lewis
, Trustee Social Justice Legal Advocacy Fellow, NJ Institute for Social Justice
Juan Carlos Nordelo
, Legislative Director for Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez
Patricia Teffenhart
, Executive Director, NJ Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Doug Schoenberger, Government Affairs Specialist, Center for Non-Profits, moderator

Discussion about how non-profits can advocate and make connections with government officials to effect change.
 Linda Czipo, President & CEO, Center for Non-Profits

Get the latest news about the major federal and state public policy trends affecting non-profits. Learn where some of the key issues stand and what burning issues are on the horizon for 2020. Weigh in with your observations and help us strategize for the coming year!
  Finance – Sponsored by Acute Accounting Solutions
Value of Monthly Fiscal Forecasting Embracing Social Entrepreneurship
Amy Karson, Chief Executive Officer, Brand K Partners

Monthly fiscal forecasting is often overlooked but extremely important for averting crises, managing cash flow, and provides proactive guidance. In this workshop you’ll learn how to use a fiscal forecast as a key strategic tool that:

  – enables organizations to track reality against the budgeted benchmarks (versus a simple annual budget that is stale within months of creation)
  – shows key fluctuations against budget by line item
  – assists in planning and shifting course based on revenue updates, additional expense requirements, etc.
 Bok Jeong, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Kean University
This breakout session introduces conceptual frameworks as well as practices from the field to help the audience understand social entrepreneurship. It offers a variety of cases from local communities in New Jersey as well as global cases from Asia, Africa, and Europe. The audience will be able to learn about a variety of forms of social enterprises that can be mobilized in their current non-profit’s operation.

This session intends to prepare the attendees and practitioners with foundational knowledge and skills that would help them professionally develop and engage in social entrepreneurial activities and innovative methods in their program operation and daily management of their organization.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:
  – Understand the concept of social entrepreneurship and social enterprises
  – Assess the significance of mission commitment of social enterprises
  – Develop a working knowledge of entrepreneurial management practices in social enterprises
  – Identify the role of social innovation in enhancing social entrepreneurship
  – Discuss the task of revenue generation emphasized in social entrepreneurship and social enterprises
  – Compare various models of social enterprises from both local and global perspectives.
  Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion – Sponsored by Novartis
Courageous Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion: The Journey from Awareness to Action in Your Organization Accessibility: Gaining the Competitive Advantage

Sheila Thorne, President & CEO, Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group, LLC

Is your non-profit in tune with your community?

  – Blacks/African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos and Asians accounted for 92% of the U.S. population growth from 2000 to 2010 (with Hispanics/Latinos accounting for over half of that increase).

  – By 2050, one out of every two Americans will be a person of color or a person of color who speaks Spanish

Seismic demographic shifts in urban, suburban and rural areas are challenging American organizations and institutions to be culturally relevant in order to address the unique needs and concerns of these populations as employees, customers and community members.

This interactive workshop will provide cultural insights that fuel and drive the behavior of people of color along with “best practices” for your organization to  adapt to and harness the diversity explosion in your organization and the communities you serve. 

Carmela Slivinski, Executive Director, DAWN Center for Independent Living
Joe Zessk
i, Assistant Director, Northeast ADA Center

How organizations can initially or better welcome and accommodate people with intellectual and or physical disabilities as employees, volunteers, and customers.

Organizations frequently have limited exposure and understanding of the variety of barriers that exist in the workplace. Heightening awareness and listening to the needs of individuals can make a big difference in improving the experience, treatment, contributions, and overal inclusion of people with physical and intellectual disabilities.
  Mission & Self Management
Collaborations Made Fun and Easy: Power of Liberating Structures Getting Unstuck: Focus, Time and Self-Management
Tanja Sarett, CFRE, President, Synergies in Philanthropy Consulting
Julie Erickson, MBA, 
Principal, Mission Advancement Consulting

Join an interactive session to experience first-hand how to ignite the interest and energy of your teams and boards, and to shift from boring and unproductive meetings to meetings where everyone is engaged. Learn how to build a strong communication culture within your organization and create synergies.

We will introduce you to Liberating Structures (LS) – simple social techniques that distribute participation more widely while drawing out greater difference and variation within groups. LS is a free, open-source repertoire of facilitation methods that shape how people relate to each other, and a pattern library for organizing groups to collaborate and mutually shape their work together.

This workshop welcomes board members and nonprofit professionals from all backgrounds.
 Keith H. Green, Managing Director, NextStep&Beyond, LLC

Do you find you are often consumed or overwhelmed with worry, fear and doubt? Has it been awhile since you’ve been in “your zone”? In this insightful workshop we will look at roadblocks that sometimes stop you from achieving your goals. Come to learn how to be able to make better decisions, take more action, feel more fulfilled and energized, because your life, is best lived in “your zone”!

Key takeaways:
  – Dialogue about how meetings, commitments and distractions rule our lives
  – Take a glance at why self-care is important
  – Discuss how people become stuck in their lives–unmotivated, pessimistic, losing sight of goals, etc.
  – Insights, methods, practices, techniques, tools and strategies to motivate yourself and others (work-colleagues, children, etc.) to develop clear smart goals for their whole lives, meaning at work, home and elsewhere.
  Leadership & The Workplace
Raising the B.A.R. (Belonging – Achievement – Relationships) Incorporating More Eco-Friendly Practices at Your Non-Profit
Janet Kotsakis, Talent Management Administrator, Food Bank of South Jersey

Keeping a nonprofit staff engaged, enthused and energetic can be a challenge. Throughout 2019, the staff of the Food Bank of South Jersey has been actively involved in “Raising the B.A.R. (Belonging * Achievement * Relationships)” in their organization. In the process, they have worked together to essentially create their own in-house strategic plan, tackling the large internal issues facing their nonprofit and empowering the staff to create their own solutions. The staff “neighborhoods” have taken on projects including communication, introducing the LEAN process, improving interdepartmental process integration, enhancing organizational culture, cross-training, and employee development through service. In providing this important and valued voice to all staff members, they are transforming the way “things get done” and preparing their organization for the future as they work “more and better together.”

This engaging case study will help you understand the essential need to develop leadership capabilities while providing an inspirational atmosphere of belonging, achievement, and relationship building that is essential to any organization.

This workshop will benefit HR professionals and nonprofits leaders who are looking for creative ways to enhance engagement with their staff.
 Zachary Cole, Outreach & Education Director, New Jersey Highlands Coalition
Pola Galie
, Board Member, Sustainable South Jersey
Richè Outlaw
, Coordinator, NJ Office of Environmental Justice Program

There are many ways organizations can contribute to reducing the environmental “footprint” as well as educating staff, volunteerss, customers and community
  Counting on a Meaningful Outcome – Sponsored by New Jersey Health Initiatives
The 2020 Census is Just Around the Corner: You can Make a Difference as a Census PartnerM.M.O.M.s Always Right: 5 Steps for Meaningful and Manageable Outcome Measurement
Lisa Moore, Assistant Regional Census Manager, U.S. Census Bureau

The 2020 Census is safeeasy, and important to all of our communities. We will discuss how every trusted voice plays a critical role in shaping the future of the United States.

Join us for a Census Solution Workshop where we will:
  • Build connections and seed collaborations between organizations and individuals committed to a successful 2020 Census
  • Develop actionable concepts that can lead to a stronger awareness and outreach campaigns to reach the communities you serve
  • Build momentum towards making ideas come to life by generating commitments and developing them through 2020
  • Showcase a model that other cities and towns can use to generate collaborative relationships with stakeholders and ideas to reach their own hard to count populations
Laurel Molloy, Chief Consultant, Innovations Quantified

Now more than ever, it’s essential for nonprofits to understand, measure and communicate about the difference they’re making in the world. Funding depends on it. So does internal decision-making. But the process for measuring and reporting on outcomes can be very confusing, and missteps can be frustrating and costly – sometimes leaving organizations with no useable data.

In this session, participants will learn 5 Steps for Meaningful & Manageable Outcome Measurement, based on the presenter’s 20+ years of experience in this area.

In these digestible bites, participants will hear about the most common pitfalls, and learn practical and proven strategies to address them.  By the end, participants will:
  • Understand the key steps and terms related to outcome measurement
  • Be able to identify where their organization excels and where it struggles
  • Have tools and frameworks to use right away in their efforts ·           Be better equipped to understand, measure and communicate about their outcomes
  • Be in a better position to raise funds and make an impact
Should We Go For It?
Vetting Government and Major Grant RFPs
 When Disaster Strikes: Staying Centered and Successful in your own Fundraising
Lori Fabian, President, Fabian Consulting, Inc.

Tackling a major grant can be a risky proposition, both before submission and after grant award. But the rewards are exceptional compared to those available through smaller foundation/corporate grant solicitations. How can you decide whether the risks are worth the benefits? This session will help Executive Directors, Chief Operating Officers, Finance Directors, Directors of Development, and Program Directors systematically review Requests for Proposal to uncover and eliminate deal-breakers, determine how competitive your project might be, and decide whether this opportunity is a GO or a NO-GO.
Theresa Shubeck, Executive Vice President, Ruotolo Associates

When natural or man-made disasters garner public attention and fund-raising dollars, how should non-profits respond? Should financial news, political candidates or economic policy impact our message or mission? This session will present immediate and long-term strategies derived from historic data and trends, including recommendations for adapting your fundraising plans, creating thoughtful communication with your constituents, and taking deliberate steps for donor solicitation and stewardship.
  Human Resources
H.R. 101 for the “Accidental” H.R. Professional Time Is Money: Dealing with Compensation and Benefits Issues in a Changing World
Robin Wright, Managing Director, Community Access Unlimited

Are you handling human resources as one of your multiple duties?  Have you little training in the field?  Are you new to these responsibilities?  Get an overview of the basics of HR from someone who has walked in your shoes and evolved into a qualified HR professional!   Learn about finding resources, creating your network, the importance of documentation, what can be asked of an employee or candidate… and what not!    
 Maxine Neuhauser, Esq., Member, Epstein Becker & Green, P.C.

Since 2018, NJ has enacted a string of worker-friendly legislation and adopted a host of regulatory initiatives that carry the potential for significant financial exposure to unwary employers, particularly in the compensation and benefits arena. This session will provide a legal update focusing on New Jersey wage and benefits law, and related topics. Ms. Neuhauser will present strategies and practical tips on reducing the risks of liability and financial exposure. The session will be particularly beneficial for nonprofit executives, senior managers and Human Resources professionals.
  Fundraising & Philanthropy – Sponsored by Bank of America
NJ Funding Information Network: Researching Funding Sources Trends in Philanthropy
Leigh Clark, Business & Funding Information Librarian, New Jersey State Library
Janet Hauge
, Director of Academic Support Services, Atlantic Cape Community College
Dottie Pearson
, Librarian, Atlantic Cape Community College
Seana Zimmer
, Library Assistant, Somerset County Library System

Did you know there is a network of libraries and other organizations in NJ that can help your nonprofit find funding? Candid, formerly the Foundation Center, has seven Funding Information Network (FIN) partners throughout NJ that provide nonprofits with free access to the Foundation Directory Online (FDO) database and other resources.

During this session, representatives from three NJ FIN locations will:
  • Define the Funding Information Network.
  • Show you how to find FIN locations.
  • Explain the resources they offer.
  • Discuss what you need to know before looking for grant funding.
  • Demonstrate how to use the Foundation Directory Online database to look for potential grant makers.

This session is designed for those new to grant research and those with little to no experience with Foundation Directory Online.
 Tanuja Dehne, President & CEO, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
Katherine Durante
, Executive Director, OceanFirst Foundation
Erik Estrada
, Community Manager, Community Foundation of South Jersey
Jeffrey M. Vega
, President & CEO, Princeton Area Community Foundation
Moderator: Maria Vizcarrondo
, CEO, Council of New Jersey Grantmakers

This highly engaging session will build upon ongoing work occurring in New Jersey and across the country to strengthen the partnerships between grantmakers and non-profits in order to enhance the individual and joint impact of both.
  Data & Messaging
Sharing Your Story: Public Speaking Tips that Promote Confidence and Connection Turning Data into Action: Tips to Grow Your Nonprofit’s Digital Impact
Eileen N. Sinett, President, Speaking that Connects

Many talented professionals shy away from speaking to groups for a variety of reasons: insecurity (often tied to a lack of training), fear of criticism, preference for being “behind the scenes,” and perfectionism. Some individuals would like to overcome their hesitation and discomfort to achieve a new level of public speaking ease and success. With a few tips and a little practice, this goal can be realized.

In this didactic and experiential breakout session, participants will be introduced to Eileen Sinett’s communication model, 4 Points of Connection, a program which focuses on the connection elements necessary to effectively speak to groups: Message, Audience, Physical Self and Inner Self connections. Attendees will voluntarily engage in exercises that will support their presentation and leadership development.

 Ann Nguyen, Technical Creative Director, Whole Whale

You’ve measured it, now let’s grow it. Understanding how to tie your organization’s mission to measurable, concrete goals on your website and other web platforms is the first step towards making data actionable. In this session, we will share tactics that help you see what is working and what isn’t using Google Analytics so that you can boost quality traffic to your site in order to increase meaningful engagements.

  – Understand how collect and analyze web data as they relate to your organization’s impact
  – Choose and implement the growth tactics that are right for your organization, such as content marketing, digital advertising, A/B testing
  – How to stay connected to important data using Data Studio dashboard templates
  Marketing & Communications
Growing Your Grassroots Marketing Tight Messaging: Marketing the Point of your Mission
Jillian Pustizzi, Communications Manager, Archway Programs
Bill SanFilippo, Director of Business Development, Metropolitan YMCA of the Oranges
Cali Woods,
 Communications CoordinatorPresbyterian Church in Morristown
Moderator: Angela Speakman, Director of Development and Communications, New Jersey Council for the Humanities

Don’t have a big budget for marketing your mission? Looking for DIY (do it yourself) strategies? Join us for a panel discussion with New Jersey non-profits to hear the latest creative and innovative ways to promote your organization whether you have acenc full-time, part-time or volunteer marketer. We’ll discuss cost-effective ways for email and print newsletters, social media, special events, media relations and more.
 Allison Peltzman, Communications Director, American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey

This session will help participants distill their organization’s values in powerful ways to inspire action and social change. It features group discussion and message workshopping.