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2023 in Review: Key Volunteer Trends and Proven Strategies for 2024 Recruitment Success

January 25 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Let’s put our best foot forward in 2024 by learning from the past: what worked? What didn’t work? What could you try differently? Maybe you’re thinking about how to take advantage of this time to revamp and re-imagine your volunteering program? If so, join us and Volunteer Match to talk all things volunteering for your nonprofit organization.

You will learn: ✅ Best practices rooted in the most recent trends in volunteering, based on the latest research available, to your volunteer programs – including volunteer engagement, appreciation, and retention. ✅ How organizations are re-engaging their volunteers and how some are reimagining their programs. ✅ Strategies for aligning with volunteers’ motivations to improve recruitment efforts. ✨ All registrants will receive the recording and a copy of the slides ✨

Presenter: Lou Serna, Volunteer Match Director of Nonprofit Partnerships

To get you in the right headspace for next week, here are some fun facts about volunteers:

👉 30% of the US population dedicated at least one day to volunteering in the past year!

👉 67% of nonprofit organization donors also give their time as volunteers.

👉 When it comes to US volunteers, they tend to be younger, female, and highly educated. Does this align with the volunteers at your organization?

Register: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIkdeGvqT4pG9btgnpB-LozPf9iIE5Woz1v?_hsmi=290567818&_hsenc=p2ANqtz–mTlhCzu7e9ZZy1nfvuU4Nr8yoJ5FgGPVpObO9Tk0QwLZJTsvuwulXd-jcE4IFo1dStCdk8t9rvZfp-T2POwQse3kaOQ#/registration