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Understanding Copyright Law and Fair/Educational Use

April 19, 2023 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Does your nonprofit use images, articles, video, or educational materials from other sources?  Do you know when you must have permission to use such works?  Or have you assumed that copyright laws don’t apply to a nonprofit’s use?

Copyright law is a complex field.  Most parties don’t fully understand the law, in particular, the nuances of when fair use of another’s copyright can be permitted or when it can’t be.

Understanding fair use in U.S. copyright law is essential for anyone that wants to use another’s copyright-protected materials.  Fair use is ambiguous, and difficult to apply.

Choosing incorrectly can lead to potential copyright infringement claims and the associated costs.  Copyright litigation can include claims for statutory damages and a plaintiff’s legal fees, not to mention your own legal defense fees.

Join us for this new webinar to understand how copyright laws protect both creators and users of original works. Inform yourself about the facts of fair use and how it works.

Learn how your organization can use copyrighted works correctly and obtain essential information that you can apply to your own situations and fair use analyses. Become an educated decision maker when determining whether fair use applies to your specific circumstances.

Specific topics will include:

  • An introduction to federal copyright laws – what are they and what do they protect?
  • What is “fair use”?
  • When / how can an organization use copyrighted work for educational purposes?
  • How can an organization obtain permission to use copyrighted materials?

Registrants are encouraged to email questions in advance to jsiegel@probonopartner.org. We will try to address as many of them in the webinar as possible.


Judy Siegel, Esq., Pro Bono Partnership

Terrence J. McAllister, Esq., Ruggiero McAllister & McMahon LLC


Pro Bono Partnership
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