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The Puerto Rican Action Board (PRAB) is a comprehensive human services organization based in Middlesex County, New Jersey. We are the primary institution that provides diverse bilingual/multicultural services to the entire Central New Jersey community. Each year, we serve approximately 25,000 people in the region. Our mission is to equip diverse individuals and families in Central New Jersey to achieve personal, family, and community development. Through our innovative early childhood, youth, family, and community programs, individuals and families access the tools and resources they need to grow into productive, self-sufficient people.
The RWJ Hospital Violence Intervention Program (HVIP) at PRAB is a partnership with Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital that provides trauma-informed, healing-centered clinical services to victims of community violence and survivors of domestic and sexual violence. S/he is the highest-ranking member of the HVIP team, providing leadership, direction, and management of the mental health program. S/he is a member of PRAB’s general management teams, ensuring that the mental health program plans are set according to long-term organizational strategy and external regulations.
The HVIP Manager/Clinician is a proven planner, producer, and problem solver, with experience operating mental health programs. S/he guides a varied clinical staff, possessing the sensitivity to understand and facilitate their differing roles.


Program Administration and Management

Program Management

· Oversee the coordination, integration, and delivery of the HVIP program efforts, ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of program service delivery
· Interface with program, operations, and development departments on HVIP-related matters
· Manage, develop, and evaluate HVIP staff, volunteers, and contractors/consultants
· Lead designated HVIP team, and program management and supervisory meetings
· Ensure that all HVIP staff have thorough understanding of service delivery and expectations
· Ensure adherence to program policy for the care of patients, as per program guidelines
· Observe work of HVIP on a regular basis to encourage the use of a variety of strategies and materials consistent with research on trauma-informed practices
· Share information with RWJUH staff to ensure wrap around services offered by RWJU-HVIP are provided to patients
· Meet bi-weekly with HVIP hospital team to discuss the HVIP- PRAB mutual patients
· Collaborate with program leaders and other RWJUH staff on HVIP events and special projects
· Schedule and supervise volunteers in the program (if applicable)
· Communicate work of HVIP programs to internal and external audiences, including media
· Maintain relationships and partnerships with HVIP funders, vendors, community organizations, government agencies, businesses, etc.
· Assist in developing HVIP-related policies and procedures
· Procure and maintain HVIP programs and staff licenses and certifications
· Assist in generating metrics to ensure delivery of qualitative and quantitative goals and outcomes
· Ensure effective streamlined processes and protocols for maximum program efficiency
· Conduct periodic program analysis, including service delivery, and client development & satisfaction
· Maintain program record keeping and data retrieval systems
· Ensure quality control and compliance of HVIP programs with internal standards and requirements
· Ensure program compliance with all federal, state, county, and city requirements as governmental agencies and other compliance entities related to mental health programs
· Coordinate the purchase and maintain the inventory of program supplies and equipment
· Assist in outreach to community residents and enrollment into PRAB HVIP services
· Assess and optimize relationships with HVIP participants/alumni for service delivery & marketing
· Develop and/or secure HVIP products: curricula, manuals, training/instructional materials, etc.
· Assist in the development of programs evaluations and proposals
· Conduct research and produce literature on mental health program administration and management

Program Operations

· Provide weekly clinical supervision to mental health clinicians, including reviewing clinician’s engagement with patients, reviewing treatment plans and assigned diagnoses, discussing areas of challenges and progress, exploring patients’ needs, and assessing discharge planning
· Provide up to 25 hours of evidence-based /trauma-informed practice with HVIP patients, including but not limited to maintaining a caseload of up to 15 patients
· Process patient referrals (HVIP) within 48 hours
· Contact patients and schedule first appointment
· Conduct biopsychosocial trauma-informed intakes
· Provide accurate clinical/ mental health diagnoses under the supervision of an LCSW
· Develop a baseline following patients’ biopsychosocial and treatment plans and monitor throughout the treatment services
· Develop patient treatment care plans per their clinical, social, emotional, and psychological needs
· Input weekly progress notes and provide monthly patients’ reports
· Guide patients through the discharge process
· Attend professional and licensure-related training as per board of social work and CSWE governing rules

Contract Management

· Manage public and private HVIP program contracts and grants
· Assist with relationships with program contract and grants managers and other related personnel


· Represent PRAB in external meetings and events, and engage community and program participants
· Conduct, attend, and participate in internal meetings to maintain and improve professional competence
· Attend external workshops and in-service training provided by funders, etc.
· Produce monthly, quarterly, and annual HVIP program progress reports (both internal and external)
· Perform other duties as assigned by Senior Director of Early Childhood and Youth Services


· Masters Degree with an active license (LCSV, LCW, LPC) a minimum requirement, with an LCSW with a supervision certification preferred
· Minimum of two (2) years of management experience in mental health program operations and administration, including program management, program operations, and contract management preferred
· Minimum of four (4) years of experience working with individuals in clinical settings
· Pass all required criminal background checks
· Experience providing trauma-informed, healing centered clinical services for crime victim survivors and marginalized community members
· Experience developing and administering program priorities and plans
· Experience developing staff and teams, including coaching, leveraging, and collaboration
· Experience creating an atmosphere of positive and appropriate discipline
· Experience communicating program work and achievements
· Experience building relationships with external partners and harnessing resources for work
· Experience managing and reporting on mental health or related budgets
· Experience with project development and management
· Experience working with a multi-faceted, automated accounting system
· Valid driver’s license and access to a reliable vehicle


· Fully committed to PRAB’s vision, mission, values, and strategic goals and outcomes
· Knowledge of New Brunswick and Middlesex County community needs and resources
· Knowledge of root causes of community and other forms of violence
· Knowledge of clients’ physical, emotional, and developmental patterns
· Knowledge of mental health and developmentally appropriate service delivery practices
· Knowledge of general learning theories and service delivery alternatives
· Knowledge of CRM, contract management, and project management software preferred
· Knowledge of local, state, and federal regulations and industry standards concerning nonprofits and mental health programs operations and administration
· Knowledge of federal, state and city building codes and industry standards
· Management, supervisory, consensus building, and problem solving skills
· Excellent organizational, analytical, oral and written communications, and listening skills
· Demonstrated involvement in community service or action organizations, and advocacy efforts
· Demonstrated cultural competence as it relates to community work and collaboration
· Demonstrated maturity, integrity, and sound judgment
· Proven ability to communicate with parents effectively
· Proven ability to follow standard filing procedures
· Proven ability to work well with diverse groups
· Proven ability to influence and engage direct and indirect reports and peers
· Proven ability to create an atmosphere of positive and appropriate discipline
· Ability in program management, program operations, and contract management
· Ability in staff management and leadership development
· Ability to work with other entities, and develop partnerships and collaborations
· Ability in program and resource development, including program designs and grant writing
· Ability to handle multiple tasks effectively under pressure
· Ability to meet strict deadlines within time constraints
· Ability to work effectively in inter-departmental, inter-disciplinary team settings
· Ability to work collaboratively with a fast paced, highly interactive staff
· Bilingual English/Spanish strongly recommended

Compensation and Hours

· This is a full-time, exempt, salaried position
· Salary is based on a pre-established range and is commensurate with experience
· Includes working flexible hours, including some early evening and weekend work hours
· Primarily local travel during business hours.
· Benefits are generous, including paid employee health and dental insurance (some employee contribution required); voluntary vision and retirement plans are also available
· Paid time off includes sick, personal days, and holidays


Compensation: 68,000-75,000
How to apply:



You can apply online at PRAB.ORG


Email resume/contact information to       ralvarez@prab.org