Non-Profit Web Legislation Enacted

posted 5/31/2011

Legislation that will make it easier for non-profits to locate state government funding opportunities, volunteer opportunities and other items has been signed into law by Governor Christie.  A-2173 (Vainieri-Huttle/Stender) / S-1371 (Buono/Greenstein) will establish a Web portal through the Department of State Web site through which non-profits can access funding opportunities  and other relevant information from each department in state government.

The Center for Non-Profits was a strong supporter of this legislation, introduced last year by Senator Barbara Buono following a non-profit summit that she convened the previous fall. 

In its final form, the bill will require each state department or agency that provides resources to nonprofit organizations to maintain, and update at least monthly, information regarding available funding opportunities and eligibility criteria; volunteer opportunities available with or through the department or agency; and other information deemed necessary by the Secretary of State.  This information must be maintained in a single location, accessible through each department or agency’s home page.   The Department of State Web site will serving as the single portal to connect with the various departments’ non-profit sites.

In addition to serving as the conduit to the relevant web sites for the other departments, the Department of State will itself include information regarding funding opportunities available through the Department of State; non-profit incorporation; and to the extent applicable, board development and volunteer opportunities available through the Department of State.  Standardized icons and presentation formats will be developed for the web pages to ease navigation by interested parties.

The bill, signed into law on May 31, 2011, takes effect 180 days following enactment.

The Center believes that this bill will result in a more prominent presence for state government Web resources easier access to funding opportunities for New Jersey non-profits.   We thank Senators Barbara Buono and Linda Greenstein, and Assemblywomen Valerie Vainieri-Huttle, Linda Stender and Nellie Pou, for sponsoring this legislation, and Governor Christie for signing it into law.

The text of the final version can be found at

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