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The New Jersey Center for Nonprofits is the statewide network, champion and goto resource for and about New Jersey’s nonprofit community. Founded in 1982, the Center exists to build the power of New Jersey’s nonprofit community to improve the quality of life for all people of our state. The Center provides professional education, advocacy, resources, training and information to strengthen nonprofits and help them thrive in pursuit of their charitable work. The Center is a New Jersey nonprofit organization and a 501(c)(3) publicly supported charity.

Media inquiries can be directed to:

Linda M. Czipo, President & CEO, 732-227-0800, lczipo @, or

Susan Merrill O’Connor, Director of Membership & Communications, susan @

Survey: Persistent gap between rising demand, lagging resources creates challenges for state’s nonprofits
March 6, 2024

Report highlights progress, challenges for state’s nonprofits
March 16, 2023

Report: Some improvement for state’s nonprofits over the past year, but key challenges remain
May 3, 2022

Non-Profits Applaud Passage of Unemployment Relief Legislation
July 2, 2021

Report: COVID-19, harsh funding climate compromise non-profits’ ability to meet increased demand for services
March 1, 2021

“Too many people are counting on us.” New Jersey non-profits call on state legislature, congressional delegation to act swiftly on additional COVID-19 relief
October 13, 2020

Survey: Impact on COVID-19 on New Jersey Non-Profits is Immediate, Severe and Likely to Worsen
March 26, 2020

NJ Non-Profit Survey Report: Shows Some Modest Gains but “Persistent and Concerning” Gap Between Demand for Services, Funding
February 26, 2020

Report: Racial, Gender Barriers Confront New Jersey Non-Profits
November 8, 2019

NJ Non-Profit Survey Report Shows Lingering Gap Between Demand for Services, Funding
February 26, 2019

NJ Non-Profits Fear Effects of Prolonged Government Shutdown
January 16, 2019

NJ Non-Profit Survey: “Clear and Persistent Gap” Between Demand for Services, Funding
April 10, 2018

Charities Urge Congress to Vote NO on Tax Reform Bill
November 14, 2017

NJ Non-Profit Survey: Continuing Gap Between Demand for Services, Funding
April 24, 2017

Linda Czipo and Nina Stack Honored Among Leaders of New Jersey’s State-Wide Social Sector Associations
September 28, 2016

NJ Non-Profit Survey: “Chronic Under-Funding” Cause for Concern
April 5, 2016

Center for Non-Profits Executive Director Named Advocate of the Year by the Nonprofit Development Center of Southern New Jersey
February 9, 2016

Statewide Conference will Convene 400 Leaders from Non-Profits, Business and Philanthropy
October 29, 2015

Organizations Seek Relief from Contracting Burdens
September 10, 2015

Nominations Sought for New Jersey’s Nonprofit Emerging Leaders
August 3, 2015

NJ Non-Profit Survey: Slow Gains Tempered by Rising Demand, Funding Uncertainties
March 31, 2015

Report: New Jersey “Worst” at Paying Non-Profits Full Cost of Services
May 15, 2014

NJ Non-Profit Survey: Encouraging Signs, but Rising Demand, Funding Uncertainties Pose Continued Challenges
March 17, 2014

Center Executive Director Named One of 50 NJBIZ’ 2014 “Best 50 Women in Business”
January 31, 2014

NJ Non-Profit Survey: Some Hopeful Signs Tempered by Rising Demand, Funding Uncertainties
March 25, 2013

Survey Report: NJ Non-Profits Continue to Face Rising Demand, Flat Funding
March 13, 2012

NJ Division of Consumer Affairs Raises Mandatory Audit Threshold for Non-Profits
April 19, 2011 – Helping Hands blog

Report: Rising Demand, Tight Funding Continue to Challenge NJ Non-Profits
March 11, 2011
Linda Czipo – Helping Hands blog