NJ Non-Profit Compensation & Diversity Survey

2021 New Jersey Nonprofit Compensation and Benefits Survey - Open Now

Thanks to all who participated in the New Jersey Non-Profit Compensation and Diversity Survey — the most comprehensive yet undertaken in New Jersey covering salaries, benefits, and leadership diversity among our state’s 501(c)(3) non-profit community. 

If your organization completed the survey, you will receive a complimentary PDF of the full compensation and benefits report when it is released this fall.  For others, the report will be available for purchase, with discounts for Center for Non-Profits members and associate members.

Why participate in future surveys?

Your participation in this survey will help to provide an accurate picture of the compensation and diversity at 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations across the state of New Jersey. It will help to educate policy makers, the media, donors and the public about the actual compensation and practices at New Jersey non-profits, and will help in your own planning and budgeting efforts. It will also help us to compare New Jersey with other parts of the country and will allow us to track trends in this data for future years. Simply put, the more organizations that respond to the survey, the more useful it will be, for your organization and New Jersey’s non-profit community.

Best of all, if you complete the survey, your organization will receive a free PDF of the FULL final survey report – a $350 value.

Who is conducting the survey?

This survey is being conducted by the Center for Non-Profits, New Jersey’s statewide network and champion for the charitable community, to compile and share accurate information regarding compensation practices and the board and staff leadership composition of New Jersey 501(c)(3) organizations. The information collected will help non-profits to compare their personnel practices and operations with others in the field, and will improve the understanding about non-profits by policy leaders, the media and the public.

When is the deadline?

The extended deadline for 2021 survey submissions was June 14, 2021.

When will the results be published?

The survey report will be published in the fall of 2021.

How do I obtain the survey report?

1) FREE report for organizations completing the survey: New Jersey 501(c)(3) organizations that complete the survey by the deadline (including organization name and contact information) will receive a FREE PDF copy of the complete survey report when it is published. Unfinished surveys, or those that do not provide full organization name and contact information in the survey itself will not be counted as complete for purposes of providing a free survey report. Individual survey responses are kept confidential.

2) All others: The survey report in PDF format will be available for purchase for $350, with discounts available to Center for Non-Profits members and associate members. Diversity and some executive summary information will be made widely available.